At the moment of the stop of the combination Van Damme-Boddaert they were at the top. So, it is normal that Wim and Marc will go as soon as possible again to top of pigeon-sport.

In 2008 on the new lofts they started with a total round of new youngsters of different origins :

  • Kubica-Nanni (B-Boussoit)
  • Mortier Hendrik (B-Sint-Kruis)
  • Declercq Jan (B-Maldegem)
  • De Clippel Mathieu (B-Herzele)
  • Houfflijn P & D (B-Wortegem-Petegem)

In the same period they started to look for starting the formation of the new breeding-loft. They selected the following strains to start again :

  • the old strain of the basic-lines of the Van Damme-Boddaert pigeons, namely the following lines
  • line “ Blauwen Raket “ = 1st national Souillac 2002
  • line of “19” , “20” and “ Super-duivin” namely 3 pigeons direct out of the basic-couple “Aske” x “Blauw Blomme”
  • line “Jefke van Mortier” = 1st national Cahors ‘00
  • line “Barcelona I “ = classified as primus inter pares Barcelona Club and father of the “Tarbes Wim” of Hendrik Mortier.
  • Brootcoorens Eric ( especially line of “Henri” of strain Derauw-Sablon )
  • Pollin Marc ( B- Snellegem ) : children out of the Olympiad-pigeons “Dortmunder” and “Mortifer”, and out of his basic-breeders “Gerardje” and “Nai”.
  • Desmeyter-Restiaen ( B- Melden)
  • Vanhoecke Luc (B- Oedelem) : daughter of his famous “Olympiade”
  • deBree Henk (NL-Soest) : the old V.D.Wegen bloodline, very good for the marathon.

In the years hereafter was tried to breed en select those bloodlines and in the meanwhile looking further for new top-lines and top-pigeons to breed.

in 2010 :

  • Etienne Meirlaen (a total round out of all toppigeons)

in 2011 :

  • Rotsaert Wilfried (some of his topflyers)

in 2012 :

  • Vandenabeele Gaby (B-Dentergem) : 10 youngsters out of all top-breeders like “Rudy”, “Mr. Magic” , “Louie”, …
  • Meirlaen Etienne (B- Deurle) : some top-birds in his total auction
  • Deprol Filip (B-Oedelem) : some hens out of his best breeders
  • Kubica-Nanni (B-Boussoit) : 10 youngsters for the long distance
  • Laureyns Marijn (B-Maldegem) : some youngbirds with good racing results as youngster

in 2013 :

  • Degroote Medard (B-Heist) : some top-flyers on the sprint and middle distance
  • Norman N & F ( B-Westkapelle ) : a direct daughter out of “Florian” double provincial winner and 1st provincial ace-pigeon Long Distance KBDB
  • Vaneenoo Julien ( B-Wingene ) : daughter of “Gambrinus” : 1st nat.Cahors and some youngsters of the best flyers

and then in October 2013 we bought (together with some friends-fanciers)

  • the Witpen Rivaldo” 1st national ace-pigeon Extr. Long Distance KBDB 2012 of Etienne Devos.

in 2014 :

  • Wilfried Vandemaele (B-Heule): exchange of some youngsters out of his topbirds
  • Schoors-Dewaele (B-Maldegem): exchange of some youngsters out of the topbreeders of the Van Loon strain.

and then in October / November of 2014 we bought again some special birds (together with some friends-fanciers)

  • Pierre Mistral “ 1st national ace-pigeon Extr.Long Distance KBDB 2014 (of Bourgeois Pierre)
  • Nico “ 1st national ace-pigeon Extr.Long Distance Yearl. KBDB 2014 (of Nico Jaspers)

in 2015/2016 :

  • Sanfrinnon Erwin (B-Appelterre/Eichem): some young hens out of his best marathon birds
  • Boddaert Paul (B-Liedekerke):
    “Dark Barcelona Paul: winner of 7 x Barcelona
    “Soustons“: 2 international Soustons
  • Vaneenoo Julien (B-Wingene): some young hens out of his best breeders
  • Desmeyter-Restiaen (B-Melden):
    Son of “Laval“ 2 national ace-pigeon
    Son of “Gitan” (father 1 nat ace-pigeon) x “Mother New Ace“ (mother 1 national ace-pigeon)
    Daughter of the “Quatro 4“ hen

in 2017

  • Vaneenoo Julien: 5 direct children out of “Gambrinus” 1st national winner Cahors, and a direct daughter of the Tsunami-hen of Team Dejaeger (which was a good breeding hen at the Vaneenoo loft)
  • Desmeyter-Restiaen:
    direct children of “Cas” 1st international Pau 2015
    direct children of “Laval” 2nd national ace-pigeon Extr.Long Distance KBDB 2015
    brothers/sisters of a lot of toppigeons of the colony Desmeyter-Restiaen.
    grandchildren “Elsie” and “Peggy” 1st national ace-pigeons Extr. Long Distance KBDB