Already from in his early youth it was Wim’s dream to be a “pigeon doctor”. Through the years which were following this story was becoming truth. Wim was studying end of the eighties , beginning of the nighties at the University of Ghent, and was graduated in june 1994 as veterinarian. The only thing he wanted to do was being a specialist in racing pigeons.
Also from in his early youth he was involved in the pigeon sport at home. Generation after generation in both sides of the family there were pigeon fanciers. Both grandfathers, namely Firmin Boddaert and Remi Van Loo were real pigeon fanciers. Also both uncles Paul Boddaert and Ivan Van Loo were fanciers. Add of course last but not least father Marc Boddaert is already his whole life a pigeon fancier. Father Marc was starting his pigeon carrier just like Wim together with his father Firmin.
And even the next generation of fanciers (female fanciers) is coming there already : Janne and Flore Boddaert, both daughters of Wim are fanciers in the making.
Through de youth of Wim (seventies) we started to race under the name of Boddaert Marc & Son, especially with youngsters on the sprint distance. In the beginning of the eighties the young Wim takes more and more the leading of the colony and they tried more on the middle and big middle distance under the name of Boddaert Wim.

VanDamme-BoddaertEnd of the eighties, beginning of the nighties more and more we were looking to race the distance races. After a few years of collaboration with the neighbor Herman Van Damme (Reporter Gerry) we decide to start racing in team under the names Van Damme-Boddaert and Boddaert-Van Damme this in September 1994.

Herman and Wim did together the racing pigeons and young birds and father Marc was doing the breeding pigeons.
From the start on the new combination was very successful. In the years which were follow they won the following titles :

  • 1st national Champion of Belgium KBDB Extr. Long Distance 1996
  • 1st Worldchampion VL Extr. Long Distance 1996 ( with “Black Dream” )
  • 1st Zesdaagse of the Entente Belge 1996
  • 1st Ace-pigeon Worldchampionship Mira FCI Portugal 1997
  • 1st national winner Cahors 2000 ( with “Jefke van Mortier” )
  • 1st national Champion Long Distance Entente Belge 2000
  • 2nd national Champion Long Distance KBDB 2001
  • 7th national ace-pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2001 ( with «  den 19 » )
  • 1st national winner Souillac 2002 ( with “ Blauwen Raket” )
  • 7th national ace-pigeon Heavy Middle Distance of Belgium KBDB 2002 ( with “Blauwe Zot”)
  • 2nd national winner Souillac 2003 ( with “Elfje “ full brother of Blauwen Raket )
  • 7th national champion of Belgium Extr. Long Distance KBDB 2004
  • 2nd national winner Perpignan 2005 ( with “ St.-Vincent-duivin” )
  • 3th Euro-diamond 2005 / Winner of Silver Euro Daimond Perpignan 2005
  • 1st Criterium der Azen Entent Belge 2007
  • + a lot 1st prize and 1st championships in our club Fondclub Steenbrugge
  • etc.
Wim with his father Marc and the children Janne and Flore.

Wim with his father Marc and the children Janne and Flore.

The new start on the new location under the name BODDAERT W.M.J.F.

Through problems with the health of Herman Van Damme we decided in 2008 to stop with racing together and we want to go each again our own way. Wim decide to start together with his father Marc and the children Janne and Flore on the new location in their new house at the Legeweg 208 A in Oostkamp. Above the house were build beautiful and good pigeon lofts for the widowhood cocks and in the garden a loft and aviaries for the youngsters and the hens.

Wim and Marc started again in summer 2008 and were already almost directly again on the top if the list as they did before.

Marc was still doing the breeding birds at his home and also help every day with Wim on the loft especially for the youngsters. In the season it is Wim which is doing the racing team with widowhood cocks. He is training , feeding and taking care every day to make that they are in a good condition for racing. Before ( with Van Damme-Boddaert ) we raced also the provincial races , but now from 2008 on we decided to race only the long distance on national and international level ( 600 to 1100 km ).